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Wedding Budget Hacks for 2023

If you imagine your dream union and then consider your budget, you’ll probably think that these two things don’t really go together. According to popular belief, the only way to have it all is by going all out. However, there’s no need to feel discouraged because we’re here with some amazing wedding budget hacks! We’re about to change your perspective and make you see how simple things can save you money.

Below, we have included some tips that will allow you to have a bridal celebration just like you’ve always imagined. So, keep dreaming, your magnificent celebration is just around the corner!

1. Use Social Media Discounts

Learning how to get the most out of social media accounts is a must! Instead of following wedding vendors just for inspiration, follow them for discounts. Many tend to offer promotions through their Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook profiles. This way, you can easily choose your bridal providers because the number of options can get overwhelming.

2. Opt for A Pre-Owned Bridal Gown

This is definitely one of the best wedding budget hacks we can give you - choose a pre-owned gown! Not only will you save money, but you’ll also narrow down your choices. So, why spend money on something you will only wear once? Being a bride is a one-time experience, meaning you will purchase a dress that has been worn only once, as well.

3. Have One Venue For Both The Ceremony and Reception

When it comes to wedding hacks and budgets, don’t forget about how convenient and efficient it is to have only one venue for the whole bridal celebration. Namely, if you pick two spots - one for the ceremony and one for the reception - you are paying for two places plus transportation costs. Opting for one means decorating and paying for one spot and not having to rush to another location after exchanging your vows.

4.) Choose a Venue That Allows Flexibility with Vendors

Many wedding venues tend to offer their service providers, such as florists, bakers, and caterers. In this case, you’re bound to pay for the prices they offer without any ability to get deals outside the bridal location. On the other hand, some venues allow you to pick your own vendors, meaning you can go for those in your price range. Therefore, opting for more flexibility is one of the ultimate wedding budget hacks you need to consider when planning your expenses.

5.) Provide Your Own Beverages

If your caterer allows, you should provide your own alcohol. Since most bridal celebrations have an open bar, drinks can hit your budget the most. However, you should consider that while saving money, purchasing your drinks will take some of your valuable time, as well.

6.) Have a Buffet

You can still be a stunning, elegant bride even if your celebration doesn’t include a traditional three-course dinner. Opting for a buffet is a significantly more cost-effective option because you’ll spend less money on food and waitstaff. Plus, many guests enjoy having more options to pick from.

As you see, there are several ways to stay on a budget and have your dream bridal celebration. We hope these wedding budget hacks will help you stay calm during your planning process. And if you’re looking for more bridal inspiration and advice, check out our other blogs.

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