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Should we do a "First Look"?

If you’re planning your wedding, you probably have come across couples who have done a first look. A first look is a special moment where the bride and groom see each other the first time before the ceremony.

In the past, the bride groom would only see each other for the first time at the alter. Of course, times have changed, so here are some great reasons to do a first look and why couples opt in for it. We’ll explore who does first looks, why they do them, and what the benefits are to having a first look !

Whats a first look? And isn’t it bad luck ?

A first look at your wedding is the moment the bride and groom see each other for the first time before their ceremony. Traditionally it has been looked at as bad luck in old times, but of course this superstition has long been dismissed.

Many couples who have their wedding on premise at the venue, or even sometimes at a church, are opting in for this intimate moment with just them and their photographer/videographer. Sometimes couple may have their family members or bridal party watch as it all unfolds

Usually the bride and groom are brought to a private area , where they can see each other without any distractions. It gives the couple an intimate moment where they can take a look at eachother, exchange words , gifts and just take in the moment.

How to do your first look

Typically the groom is already placed in the private location chosen by the photography

team. Then, the bride is notified and guided to where the location is.

After everyone is put into place, the bride usually walks up to the groom, taps him on one shoulder followed by turning around and gazing upon his beautiful bride for the first time.

Sometimes, instead of a tap on the shoulder, the bride might stand a couple of feet behind him, leaving some extra room for the photo team to capture the reaction.

Why first look?

  • It calms the nerves before the ceremony

  • Reactions and moments can be captured by the photo team.

  • It allows more time flexibility to do a photo session with your photographer

  • It makes for better candid genuine photos of the the bride and groom.

  • It warms up your bridal party and family for photo taking

  • It enables couples to enjoy their cocktail hour instead of taking photos after their ceremony.

  • It makes for a great scene on video in your highlight reel!

In conclusion, I always steer couples in the direction of a first look if they’re early in the planning process for these reasons. At the end of the day, we always try to steer the couple in the direction of their priority, and if your priority is private time plus great photo’s and mingling, then a first look is the way to go.

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