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Why JL Wedding Films?


Highly reviewed : From “WeddingWire” to “the TheKnot”, our couples have raved about us and have recommended us to friends and family countless times.  You can read more detailed reviews about us here and here


Fun Style : Our style is fun , upbeat and romantic.  Whether  it's putting your film to the beat of the song or giving your photos a flare of modern artistic touch, you will never be bored viewing the end result of your special day.  You can view portfolio images here or video demos here.  


Payment Flexibility : Our payment policies are unbeatable.  Payments are split evenly from booking til the wedding day in any way you need it to be, and up front payments are always affordable.  


Expert Team :  Our videographers and photographers have combined decades experience in the field and put 110% of our craft into every wedding.   We are personable, adaptable to any situation, and make sure you get the most out of the product on your wedding day!


Reliable Communication : From the moment you book to the moment your final product is handed in, you can rest assured, we will reply in a timely fashion to any questions you have regarding booking, payments, editing or delivery. 


Planning: Booking a full package with JL Wedding Films, you will never JUST purchase a package and call it a day.  We will always guide you through the timeline of your day from start to finish, giving you guidance on the best timing, logistics and planning for photography / video on your day! 


Raw footage: We believe in not paying extra for raw footage. Isn’t the video what you’re paying for anyway?  We offer raw footage with every package, because we believe in you having access to it and owning it once the wedding is over.  


Fully Ensured with all Venues : Our company has full reliability insurance in any venue we work in.  Proof of insurance is available upon request any time! 


Budget Friendly : We pride ourselves on giving you a quality product that doesn’t break the bank.  Along with offering numerous budget friendly options, flexible payment, and mix and matching some options to help fit your budget.  

Let's talk more!

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