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6 Must Capture Moments on Camera Besides the Standard Wedding Highlights

At the first dance, a romantic look says it all. The way the couple’s love is translated on the dance floor goes beyond the

white bridal dress and the elegant groom's suit. The marriage rings and the engagement ring sparkle in the traditional gesture of joining hands is yet another striking moment that marks this special occasion. All of these events are part of the script of your new beginning and deserve to be recorded on video!

Wedding photographers and videographers capture the most exciting moments of one of the most important events of a couple’s life. They are responsible for eternalizing all the small details that make your celebration as unique as you are: the allure and swaying of the bridal dress as the bride walks down the aisle, the heartfelt smiles during the ceremony, the sparkle of the guests’ party dresses... Opting for a wedding video is perhaps the best and most artful way to complete such a detailed task as cinematically recording all of the precious moments of your big day.

That is why we have come up with a list of original wedding video tips. They will serve as a one-time chance to make all those treasured moments of honest reactions shine in a way you can cherish forever.

1. The groom’s reaction when seeing the bride walking down the aisle

One of the most important opportunities to document on camera is the groom's reaction to the bride walking down the aisle- the first time that the future husband will see the woman of his life dressed as a bride. Although you might see it as insignificant, it carries plenty of emotions! Just imagine how often the groom has fantasized about looking at his lady in a white gown walking down the aisle toward him. His face showing mixed feelings of sentimentality, excitement, and happiness is something that must be included in the wedding video. Because, after all, our goal as videographers is to eternalize those moments of pure and genuine emotions.

2. The first look with dad and the bride

The most charming and sentimental moment a videographer can capture is when a father first sees his daughter dressed in her bridal dress. Carried by the emotions, some shed a tear, others will hug their girl, and some simply stand still, hypnotized by their daughter’s beauty. In all cases, the father’s love for their daughter cannot be hidden. One of the best wedding video ideas is catching that second when the eyes of the father meet with his child, realizing how fast she has grown and is now ready to start a family of her own.

3. Shots of guest dancing in slow-motion

Another wonderful idea is to take full advantage of today’s high technology and turn high-speed recordings into funny slow-motion videos. One way to turn your ordinary wedding video into a fun piece of memorabilia is recording your guests while showing some of their best moves on the dance floor. While busting a move on the dance floor is the best material for grasping the magic of your celebration. They can dance, jump, chest-beat, high-five, let loose, and throw confetti, allowing your videographer to perfectly grasp the magic of your event – which is essential for all wedding films!

4. Guests having fun in interactive stations at the wedding reception

As professional videographers, we never miss a chance to seize moments of real amusement and pleasure. This is why you should consider including the most lively spots in your wedding videos, apart from what is happening on the dancefloor. Think about all the unique stations you have included in your reception and see how much fun and integration there is for the camera.

One of the ultimate wedding video ideas would be recording the action around the photo booth, as these stations are always a fun and lively addition to marriage celebrations. Imagine watching your guests, all in smiles, getting ready for a selfie, and posing at the photo booth while the camera puts that all on video. Priceless!

5. Some unique shots from the cigar station

If you choose to put a cigar bar at your reception, be sure it is included in one of your wedding films. Let the videographers make the most of this unique opportunity, recording the guests while they enjoy a good Cuban smoke. It will be the best chance for the camera to catch those moments of some fine gentleman having whiskey over casual chat, and sharing spontaneous laughs while blowing out some smoke in the camera lenses for an ultimate effect.

6. Establishing decor details for the reception room

Our wedding video tips also include the elements which play an important role in the decorations. We are talking about decorators' hands adding a final touch of perfection that shows the concept and style you opted for. It will include details like signage, table cards, bridal favors, or picture walls full of magic and romanticism.

The wedding video will be much more than a complement to your big day’s shots. Although those photographs are a good way to freeze certain moments, the videos do a better job of reflecting and portraying the happiness of the newlyweds and the atmosphere of the event.

In addition, a professional filmmaker should be able to make creative and spontaneous shots that reflect every detail and feeling of your most remarkable day. Take the time to talk to the professionals and tell them about your requirements. They must be aware of what you’re looking for to be able to catch the most cherished reactions and stories of your big day.

Be creative, and add special moments no one has thought of. Get something out of the ordinary that will last over time and enliven the emotions experienced that day every time you see it.

We are open for a chat if you need more information about our wedding video and photography services, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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