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Upcoming Wedding Trends For 2021

Every year wedding trends forecasts are about new themes, colors, florals, and cakes. However, upcoming wedding trends will be less about themes and colors and more about aesthetics. Everything is predicted to minimalistic, open and glamour would be taken down a notch. The raging global pandemic has changed how wedding ceremonies take place all over the world. The year 2021 shall be about small gestures to make it memorable for everyone.

A lot of wedding trends will fade away in 2021, and new trends will emerge as the new normal. Here are some of our predictions to give a glimpse of popular wedding trends. So, let’s get started!

The Welcome Gift

Weddings are now downsized to a handful of people that makes it intimate and even more special. Welcome your guests with a welcome gift at the entrance. You can get a custom made box that matches your theme. Mask and sanitizers are standard at any event.

So, you can start by adding these two things to the wedding box. Add some more take-home favors like a personalized note and scented candles or chocolates to make it a great experience.

Plated Meals

Fewer couples are now going for a buffet at weddings. It’s is mainly due to safety concerns, but on the bright side, it will save a lot of money! An intimate event doesn’t really need a buffet anyway. You can limit the starters, main courses, and desserts to one and serve plated meals to the guests. There would be less human interaction and shared utensils.

You would be saving a lot of money. That allows you to invest money in a caterer with 5 stars rating that usually charges a lot of money. While your guests are laughing away with you, entertain them with champagne and cocktails coming to the table.

Tents and Twinkle Lights

Outdoor weddings are gaining popularity these days that lead to surging demand for tents and mood lighting.

Ask your wedding planners for whimsical tent options and romantic lighting to make it a fairy-tale wedding.

Go for draped tents that still allow natural light to flood inside. Little twinkle lights in the center and around the tent will add bonus ambiance points.

Happy Toasts

Another rising trend that we predict is small toasts by the guests. Intimate weddings make it possible for close friends and relatives to make a toast each and raise a glass for the happy couple.

Your special guests can raise a toast for the happy couple and share a fond memory with everyone. There is no need to make formal speeches. Casual toasts are the new thing at weddings.

Mini Cakes

The god old wedding cake tradition is changing with time. We forecast small wedding cakes with more attention to detail. People are going for a full cake display stand with decorated coasters and candles to make it a view. To make it an everlasting experience, you can add an intricate pattern or design that goes with your wedding theme. It will tie perfectly with the décor and mood.

Another fun trend that is popping up a lot is the mini cakes. Let the guests take their own cake on a coaster that has your initials and eat while they chat with you. It can also add a cute wedding favor for the guests.

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