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Popular Wedding Trends of 2020

With the New Year comes a fresh new plethora of 2020 wedding trends. We are going to see bold new colors and new personal touches on each little details courtesy of your bride and groom. (Perhaps parents and siblings as well). Get ready for edibles florals, popping new colors and self serve champagne in the new year!


Lighting in weddings has always been a very important part of the process. And now with LED lighting more affordable and accessible than ever, we do all sorts of creative scenarios with our lighting. From hanging bulbs, to LED strips, to icicle looking lights hanging down, the possibilities are endless. It also doesn't look like good old candle light is going away any time soon.

Edible Florals 

This is something I have yet to see at wedding that I'm working or a guest at. It could be frozen in ice, it could be in a salad, it could be just an arrangement of flowers on the tables for the reception. Or perhaps the brides bouquet , or on the cake. It seems to be a popular trend coming up in 2020.

Everything Rustic.

Rustic is nothing new for sure, but more and suburban and urban areas who’s demographics are not part of farmland, are adopting the rustic feel for their weddings. Even in the middle of Queens here in NYC there’s a farm that caters weddings. Horses, pig sheep and all. More and more brides are adopting the rustic look, paired along with tons of country music from the DJ. Not to mention brides are loving the rustic details and nuances that comes along with it, such as ring holders, wooden bouquets and allot more.


More and more brides are requesting drone for their wedding. Since the technology is becoming cheaper, sleeker and easier to use, us photographers and videographers have been making the leap and offering it with our packages.

Beer Gardens

I think in 2020 we’re going to see a huge rise in couples having their weddings in beer gardens. Some of the advantages of this is being able to fit more guests, more beer selections for folks who are hardcore beer fans, a little more economical in price, and also give just a whole new atmosphere to weddings. The german style beer fest will definitely be a type of reception we will see in coming years.

Micro Weddings 

This wedding trend has become more and more popular over the past few years. think 50 people or less. But like any exclusive party, a celebration of this kind delivers big. The budget per guest is higher, The meals are more elaborate, and the guests are treated a little more like VIP’s since their more carefully selected by the couple.

Inclusive Menus


With the rise of allergies, diets and more people becoming vegan, the wedding menu has changed drastically over the passed few years. More and more venues and establishments are becoming more friendly to these diets, such as gluten free items, vegan items, and even more Keto and Paleo friendly menus and buffets.

Self-Serve Refreshments

An artfully created wall-mounted dispenser, a tricked out bar of pour-over drinks, or a slew of specialty garnishes allows guests to create their perfect cocktail. This is my favorite as a vendor because I don’t have to wait for the bartender :) Usually it’s its some sort of soda, champagne, juice or ice tea if its outside and it’s warm. The possibilities are endless.

Blue over Black

Black suits and tie’s step aside. Blue is the new black. Grooms and groomsmen are choosing this color over black prominently, along with grey as well.

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