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When to post your wedding website

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Before you get started with wedding planning, it’s important to share the happy news with your friends and family on the world wide web! (Haven’t heard that term in a long time huh?) Custom wedding websites are a great way to get across the important information about your wedding or day. It’s a great resource for loved ones to find out all the details. It can answer simple questions like “When is the ceremony start time?” and “Whats the address of the venue?”.

When to you make it!

There’s no such thing too soon! Making your own site is the easiest way to clue guests in on every wedding detail as you go along—so the earlier you spread the word, the better.


Having an eye popping design is important. This can certainly be achieved by having the main pic of your engagement photo session on the cover of your page, or even better yet --- your engagement film session! (hint, hint).

Having an adorable illustration such as this one above is also a great idea.

When to Update

You should continually update and share your wedding website. New details and information is important. Keep your guests in the loop. It's a long time between when they receive your save-the-dates and when you say "I do," Keeping your guests up to date with information such as accommodations, parking, directions, and other logistics could be crucial.


Bridal shower or engagement party invites is a great way to share your wedding website. Not to mention save the date cards! Social media is of course a great way to get your website out there as well, so long that you keep it private. (don’t forget because that’s important)

Of course, custom wedding websites can be created on such sites as & Other websites like are also an option if you have the budget.

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