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Wedding Venues Pros and Cons

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

It feels as though 2018-2019 took a little bit of a turn of popular wedding venues. Sure , there’s still the traditional catering hall that no one can go wrong with, but in recent years we’ve certainly seen some interesting new selections. Here are some pros and cons for our some of our new found


First and foremost the rise of barns as wedding venues has risen 400%. Okay, perhaps not 400, I don’t know what the exact number is, but it had to have risen drastically recently. Barn weddings have certainly grown in popularity, and don’t seem to be going away any time soon.


- Makes for great pictures and video, usually spacious. Could be more cost effective.


- In the summer time they can smell unfortunately.

- Could have flies and bugs scurrying about, and have to be catered by a hired company.

- You also have to take into consideration heating and air conditioning, since there is none, so you may want to consider having your bard wedding in a weather neutral time of year (Like late September in New York)


Backyard weddings have also grown in popularity. What use to be deemed as a cheap “trashy” way of having your wedding is now more popular and ritzy as ever. Which is also do in part to the fact that DIY weddings are on the rise as well. (Which will be saved for another blog post)


- Cost effective, ability for more guests given the room, close to home (literally)

- Most if not everything could be done on premise including photo session, ceremony and reception.


- Mostly the same cons as bard weddings, plus the cost of having to rent the tent.


Mansions are certainly popular these days. If you’re not sure what I mean, a prime example would be a historical building turned into a catering hall , due from being bought out by a catering company. Such an example would be The mansion at west Sayville or Coindre Hall in Huntington both in Long Island NY.


- The most obvious is that the pictures here come out amazing. Depending on your style, if you’re looking for classic and elegant , mansions may be the right way to go.


- Although the building may be beautiful you have to take into consideration it will be an OLD building, which puts into concern the structure and electrical situation. You might not know what you get.

- The layout may not be incredibly party friendly. Allot of ones I’ve worked at, the dance floor is separate from the dining room, so make sure you ask questions and inquire about the lay out of the building itself.

- Acoustics in some of these places aren’t always the best either, so if you’re a bride/groom who’s top priority is music and sound quality, you may want to read reviews or talk to other people who have had weddings there.


These are certainly popular here on Long Island since we have so many wineries. I absolutely love shooting at these types of venues , the grape fields are absolutely picturesque and you honestly don’t even need to try very hard to get a good picture in these settings. Not to mention there’s no shortage of wine and cheese.


- As I’ve mentioned, the pictures come out GREAT! The grounds and buildings themselves are usually equally picturesque.


- Typically these can be pricey since they cater to one wedding at a time.

- Like I’ve mentioned earlier about Mansions, they also could have a confusing layout and have a separated dance floor. So be sure to ask questions about the layout.

- Another important thing to keep in mind is that allot of them are located on the country side, so be prepared to have guests travel the extra mile.

Banquet Halls

These are by the most popular. Here on the island Fox Hollow is a very popular one, along with Crest Hollow and Jericho Terrance.


- Well organized and usually staffed properly.

- Always accommodating when it comes to vendors such as photography, DJ, flowers etc. Cost effective in that everything including catering the food is done there.

- Locations are usually relatively convenient.


- Some hold more than one wedding at a time.

- You’re not able to take pictures in certain places due to the fact that other brides might be there using the space. -

Dealing with guests at other weddings passing through the lobbies.

- You’re not able to take pictures in certain places due to the fact that other brides might be there using the space.

- Dealing with guests at other weddings passing through the lobbies. Dealing with guests at other weddings passing through the lobbies.

Of course some of these cons don’t apply to halls that only have one wedding at a time, but the downside to that is of course cost. Be prepared to spend allot more money on any place that has only one event.

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