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The Future of weddings after COVID. And YES there will be!

The situation with COVID is unpredictable with all industries, but standing out from this I think is the wedding and event business. Most places in the U.S are limiting to 10 people or less. When that limitation is going to increase, no one knows. Little is known about the future precautions. So what does this mean for weddings?

As states re-open, some with more strict guidelines such as here in NY, a new normal for how ceremonies and receptions are held will require everyone to act quite differently. Wedding professionals are now talking about “covid compliance nuptials” where new guidelines will be in place depending on the state.

Health and Safety

For chefs, guests and servers, there will most likely be a new set of rules with serving etiquette. What that looks like right now we’re not totally sure. We speculate that servers will have to wear masks, keep distance, have new temperature regulations etc. We will most likely shy away from buffet style dinner for a long time. We’re not too sure what this is going to mean for cocktail hours, but I imagine new precautions such as plastic or glass over the food will be mandatory.

Catering halls and other locations are evaluating how to modify their spaces not to maximize capacity , such as keeping seats and tables farther apart from each other, setting up hand washing and sanitizing stations, accessible gloves and masks. Fun fact: historically , fashionable gloves were considered an accessory of choice by some cultures.

New seating arrangements have been considered tricky, seating elderly relatives next to a friend from out of town, or just too close to a large crowded table might be off limits.

Ceremony layouts will certainly take on a new form. Circular or half moon seating is a large possibility.

Contactless Greetings

Greeting each guest is a common practice at weddings for couples, but this will surely look different once weddings re-open. Perhaps we will take on the Japanese tradition of bowing, or simply waving to one and other.

We can still dance!

Professionals are talking about different types of dance floors, such as satellite dance floors in different locations away from each other, or simply just setting up different guidelines for dancing away from one and other.

New format of events.

Weekday weddings will most certainly be more popular by next year. With weddings this year being rescheduled to next, catering halls will definitely be overwhelmed with rescheduled bookings.

“Minimony” weddings and “Micro weddings” are going to be on the rise, meaning, weddings only with close loved ones and family. Following that will be “sequel” weddings where a party is thrown months or even years after the smaller get together occurs. This use to be more for multi cultured weddings , where the couple are from two different backgrounds and they prefer to have two separate events to cater to those traditions.

Wedding FAQ’s will be more important

Wedding websites are great places to store all of this information, from your love story to your registry and now common questions about covid related precautions. Give your guests some insight on what new arrangements will be made due to social distancing. This way they know what to expect when attending your wedding.

Streaming your wedding

Consider those with under lying health conditions when planning your wedding. If you have a family member, or several family members for that matter, who prefer not to attend in precaution, it might be a good idea for your videographer :::cough JL Wedding Films cough:::: to stream your ceremony for anyone who isn’t able to be there. Some companies are even working on virtual reality solutions and digital photo booths as solutions.

Wedding Planners are essential

If there’s any time to enlist the help of a wedding planner, now is the time.

There are many what if’s, questions and new rules that are going to be in place the next wedding season. Wedding planners stay on top of these new regulations and trends, are able to help better and more efficiently than ever before.

More Outdoor Venues

Although there’s allot of questions about the future, this is a sure thing. There will be much more outdoor reception and ceremony arrangements in the warmer months. Whether it be open space or a tent, we will certainly see this kind of trend in the near future. Indoor venues may add more outdoor options to their grounds. Here in LI , Fox Hollow and Crest Hollow both have an abundance of room on their grounds to accommodate an outside reception rather than their usual indoor operation. I imagine venues like that will take more of these ideas on.

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