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One camera videographer VS 2 or more camera videographer

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

One camera videographer VS 2 or more camera videographer

When offering my higher packages with multi camera, this is always he question I get. What’s the difference between having only one camera vs having 2 or more? And is it necessary for “my” wedding?

Of course the first question you have to ask yourself is “How big is my wedding? Are you having a 100 person wedding? Or 300 person wedding? You also have to ask yourself “How much footage do I really want?” Do I want allot of shots of my details and guests? Do I want extra angles when the highlights of the day are going on? Such as the vows, cake cutting, introductions etc.. Also do you want groom prep in addition to bride prep? If your answer is yes, then you probably want a second videographer for your wedding day. At least for the first few hours.


One good thing about having a second videographer for your wedding is getting those mint extra detail shots! Such as flowers, table cards, favors, anything on display that you the bride or family members have made for you. Of course one camera can very well capture those things as well, I always make it a point to to do so. The only difference is, when there’s a second hand , there’s always more time to. This includes more establishing shots, more nature, shots of your venue etc.


Having your second videographer start with prep is always a great option. If you only have one videographer, and want them to start with the bride getting ready, there most likely isn’t enough time for them to get the groom as well. Having one person with the groom, and one with the bride is the way to go if you want both preparations in your video.


It may not be necessary to have 2 videographers at your photo session but if you have a large bridal party, in a really picturesque wide open place, you may want to consider it. Having extra footage for your photo session could be a great thing. Especially if your second videographer is capturing with a more artistic and different approach than the other. Such as the use of different lenses, a stabilizer or a drone. (use of a drone for your wedding is a whole other article i will write about soon!) Also if you have two photographers splitting up to take shots of the bridal party, this could help as well by having one videographer join each.


This is where having a second camera comes in the most handy. During the ceremony, I always have more than one camera set up either way, but that extra one is always stationary. But with a second videographer , the second and/or third camera is maned. They could easily get another angle of the bride and/or groom during the vows and ring exchange. They could also get reaction shots of the bridal party. Along side that, I’ve also gotten my partners to get a sweet second angle of the bride about to walk down the aisle.


Second camera for the reception is essential if you want those second angles. For the entrance , I typically have the second camera follow the bride and groom from the back, and for toasts, they capture the bride and groom reaction shots. For the formalities , there’s an array of options. The second cam can get another angle of the formal dance, it can guest reactions , parents crying tears of joy, people clapping etc. And of course, the same could go with the reception formalities as it could go for photo session. The second video could have a different approach to the first cam, with use of

If you’d like to see an awesome example of a multi camera video click on this link to Lindsey and Sean.

Here you can find allot of those extra details, angles and prep shots I was talking about. I hope this helps your decision on who to hire, and how to hire!

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