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Monique and Shawn – A Match made in Coney Island

Wedding days bring a whirlwind of emotions as the day unfolds. It has its moments and, do we not all secretly live for those special moments? Monique Bell and Shawn Caesar tied the knot on a beautiful day of 10th September 2020. This video is a glimpse of some spectacular memories that the happy couple will cherish with them for the rest of their lives. It is like a piece of someone's emotions, a beautiful memory, and a bunch of sweet moments.

Flashback to Dating Days

The newly wedded couple decided to seal the deal on 10th September 2020 as it marks four years of togetherness. The day takes them back to the first time they met at a day party in Coney Island. Who knew back then that they could be soul mates? Those butterflies in the stomach, nervousness, and excitement to be around each other when they met the first time; it is all a reminder of that great day.

The Juicy Wedding Details

The day began with the bride and bridesmaids getting ready for the big day at the Holiday Inn Hauppauge Long Island. The bride got her hair and makeup done in a very minimalist yet elegant way.

The look was completed with hair tied back in a neat bun. The embellished silver broach in her hair added extra style points to the bride on her big day.

She walked down the aisle with her father in a gorgeous white off-the-shoulder mermaid dress made with sheer lace and embroidery details. It had a fitted bodice that unravels into a full-length gown with a mermaid tail.

She paired the dress with a classic white veil and glittering silver heels that made her look like an angel walking down the aisle. While the bride was adorned in a stunning white dress, the bridesmaids were dressed in mauve dresses.

The man of the evening was dressed in a gray suit with a cream colored bow tie. His buddies complimented the bridesmaids’ dresses with mauve colored waist coat and bow tie. They paired the look with gray jacket like the groom.

The Vow

The ceremony was small and intimate with a handful of close relatives and friends at St. Luke's Roman Catholic Church. The bride and groom said their vows, and we must say it was a beautiful ceremony. The feeling of having your loved ones witness the best day of your life is just out of this world.

The couple exchanged the rings and sealed their vows with a beautiful kiss as a married husband and wife. The bride and groom’s eyes were gleaming with happiness. They could not stop smiling, even when we weren’t shooting them.

Food, Dance and Laughter

The wedding reception was full of fun and laughter. Everyone danced around, made toasts, and laughed. The bride and groom’s first dance was a sight to see! They were happy, smiling, and joking around with each other like they have conquered the world.

The three-tiered wedding cake was decorated with a mini version of Monique and Shawn. The food at the reception was absolutely tasty! It was a COVID-19 wedding. Hence, there were hand sanitizers and masks for the guests as a safety precaution. The cocktail hour ran pretty smoothly. Then it was just the guests dancing around with the couple.

The day ended with loads of laughs and cheers. We wish Monique and Shawn a great life ahead, full of love and sunshine. We hope they cherish these beautiful moments all their lives.

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