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Live Streaming Your Wedding

Things like drone technology, photo booths, use of hashtags and other media methods have made their mark on weddings, so it’s no surprise live stream is also.

With “social distance” weddings likely becoming more popular due to the virus lock-downs, we’re going to see more small intimate ceremonies along with weddings being live-streamed to friends and relatives unable to attend. Thanks to technology, this is becoming much much easier.

How to Do It Once you’ve settled on live streaming, you’ll want to make sure that you test the Internet connection at the venue beforehand, WiFi has gotten better over the years for live streaming, but a camera that can be connected to a laptop and a wired Internet connection works best with the weddings.

Be aware that if your wedding is on the beach, more then likely the connection will be shifty, so take that into consideration.

In addition, allot of churches and venues alike, already have live-streaming built in to their establishment.

DIY Want to DIY it? You can always go the social media route with Facebook or Instagram. Other services such as “DaCast” and or is also an option. Just keep in mind if you go this route, you will be limited to your phones video and audio capabilities. Unless of course you have some sort of audio adapter or special attachable lens for your iPhone. If you’re going to go this route, it would be best to simply set up a tripod or stand with the phone close by to the bride and groom while they exchange vows. It might seem a little intrusive but since you’re having a small intimate ceremony due to lockdowns anyway, it may just be worth it. I would definitely utilize the officiants or venues PA system in this instance and incorporate it with the vows so that the phone could pick it up. Hiring a professional

Most of us are getting on the band wagon when it comes to offering packages with options for live streaming. So if you choose to leave it to the professional to do , that’s all the better. Make sure you coordinate which medium you’d like to use for the live stream (Facebook, IG,) I think Facebook would be your best option for this. Then the videographer can log into your facebook, use his software and video converter and stream away! Letting family members know This could be a tricky one. You can’t make a devoted link to Facebook live. The link is randomly generated once you are about to go live. It might be a better idea to include your Facebook profile link on your wedding website, or simply send it to anyone who’s invited that couldn’t make it. Using sites like or could work as well. Even better, as informal as it sounds, making a facebook invite to the livestream might be the best option. I hope this helps you through your planning process!

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