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Joseph and Gina - A Love Story

A true love story starts in the most random way possible. It hit hard, and you don’t even realize it until you are fully in the whirlwind of beautiful emotions. This story is about Joseph and Gina, who had a similar story. It all begun unexpectedly after they both swiped right to each other on Tinder.

Juicy Details

After meeting on Tinder, Joseph and Gina decided to meet up for a date. Both knew that they hit off pretty well with one another, and there was a spark between them. After having a good time, the first date was followed up by a second date, a third, fourth, and before they knew it was three weeks into dating.

Everything was going smooth until Gina’s apartment in Manhattan burned down in a fire accident. Joseph politely asked Gina to move in with him. That uneventful incident turned out to be the biggest highlight of the couple’s life. Guess what? According to Joseph, Gina got a little too comfortable and never left.

First Look in Style

A 1940 Caddy rolled down in front of the Harbour Club at around noon. The door opened and the bride stepped out with her sister and mother. The bride and her clan looked ravishing as they stepped out from their wheels and entered into the club for the first club and photoshoot.

The bride and groom were happy to be with one another. The pre-wedding photo shoot was full of laughing moments and a lot of gazing into each other’s eyes. It was clear that the happy couple was madly in love and getting married to one another was the best decision of their life.

Vows and Promises

The event was intimate and involved only close friends and family. The couple wanted to get married amongst the people closest to them on the big day. They said their vows at the Harbour Club and sealed the deal with a passionate kiss. Gina declared that she will be staying with Joseph for eternity.

The happy couple was caught in some bittersweet moments as they thanked their lucky stars for planning their meet on Tinder years ago.

A Little Detour

The happy couple decided to add some more memorable moments on the big day. They stopped at Little Vincent’s Pizza in their wedding attire. They rolled down there in a 1960 Rolls Royce to grab some pizza. The couple had a fun time away from the guests and enjoyed some alone time as husband and wife. It’s unusual for couples to make a stop like this, but we at the JL Weddings had a great time covering it. After some alone time right after getting married, the couple went back for the reception.

A Happily Ever After

Joseph and Gina tied the knot on October 17, 2020, and started a new journey together with one name, one life, and one goal: to always be there for one another.

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