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Is 4k for you and your wedding ?

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

I think we're in a transitional period when it comes to commercials , YouTube videos and weddings a like when it comes to use of 4k video. Some are using it and some aren't quite yet.

Some companies are using it as their standard and some are a luxury. What's the difference? How does it effect your wedding film and what are the pro's and cons?


First, here's a pretty simple good read on some of the technical specs of 4k vs 1080p

If you don't feel like reading that ; in short 4k is roughly double the quality of the standard 1080p format.

Whats 1080p quality ?

1080 is the standard on television right now , while some of it is still standard on Netflix, much of Netflix and Amazon prime these days is indeed 4k provided your TV supports it. If your video is shot and edited in 4k , it will be shown that way on your television and computer provided all devices support it. This includes iPad's or other tablets with retina display.

Consider your devices.

What do you plan on watching your video on? Are you going to stick to your devices like laptop or iPads or do you have a big screen TV ? If you have a 60inch or more TV and plan on viewing it on there you may want to consider 4k. 1080p in my humble opinion doesn't look all that great on large TVs. This is where 4k is necessary across the board. If you're sticking to a small TV or device ,then 1080 is more then sufficient!

Not to mention also, sites like Youtube and Vimeo do support 4K!

Cost ?

There's no way around it, companies that offer or standardize 4k in their packages , certainly will charge more. Why ? The files are larger. You need a faster system to process and edit it. You need more hard drive space to store it, and you need bigger camera cards to record it.

Future proof.

Yes , 4k is better quality and it will further future proof your video for years to come. Imagine having your video shot in standard definition years ago right before high def came out . Now your video is just not going to look as good . It's the same thing with 4k vs 1080p. Years from now when we've gotten use to seeing super high resolution on our devices , 1080p may not make the cut.

Does it fit on a DVD?

Definitely not. Although they do make 4K Blu-ray DVDs for Hollywood movies, it's not common or practical to burn your video to a 4K Blu-ray DVD. Not even many consumers own the players in the first place. More than likely (and this is what i do) they will give you a downloadable version of your video as a file, or on a USB stick playable on most smart TV's.

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