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How to choose your video package

Updated: May 7, 2020

Allot of people come to me asking “What’s the best package for my wedding day?” I always tell them it depends on allot of things besides budget. It could depend on the length of your day, the amount of guests, how many locations there will be. Etc..

Number of guests and bridal party

The amount of people you have at your wedding could be an important factor, especially if there’s a large bridal party. This alone, might be a good reason to choose a package that comes with multi camera’s , this way you don’t miss some awesome candid moments. During your wedding you might be so busy that you don’t get to catch everything in person. That’s where we come in. Having one videographer is great of course, but if your wedding is big, with a large bridal party, consider at least having a second camera for the first half or middle of the day.


If your wedding is taking place at more than one location, then that’s another reason to consider a larger package.

Some folks don’t realize booking a 6-7 hour package doesn’t work when you have you’re ceremony at a church or temple and your reception is at a catering hall 2 hours later. That’s okay! That’s why we’re here. I always recommend a 8+ hours package for couples with a wedding that’s not on all one premise. 9x out of 10 there’s always a distance and time in between multiple locations. Also , many times brides decide last minute that they want to add extra time in those scenarios.

Of course when it comes to clients wanting bridal preparations in their video, I always recommend at least 9 hours. Unless it happens that they everything is happening at one location, including bridal prep.


Brides always want to know what they are getting in terms of the edit. As for me and most companies specializing in wedding films, the highlight films is usually the best seller. This consists of an edit anywhere from 3-6 minutes in length to music, scenes and sound bites of the day. It’s exactly what you see in the demo reels we post. Some could be a little longer, or a little shorter. I typically ask the couple what they would rather have for the final product.

Some packages also come with a basic or a full length edit as well. The full length basically just a less edited version of the highlight reel. Simply put, larger longer edit in chronological order of the day, ranging from 45 min to 1.5 hours in length, depending on the day. I always try not to give an exact number to this length, being that everyone’s wedding is different.

Some companies offer a “30 min edit” with their services, which not unlike the full edit i offer, usually is in chronological order. The only difference is, its a little more condensed to fit that 30 min time frame.


At the moment , we are offering a special 4K package which costs a little bit more. The reason for this is 4K takes more time and resources to actually edit. The good news is, we don’t need to worry about it taking up too much space anymore. The footage shot on our cameras takes up just about the same amount of space, whether it’s shot in 4k or 1080P HD.

The bad news is that it still takes allot to edit this footage, and a faster system is needed. When it comes to packaging 4k we’re still in the experimental phase, but all in all, most of my couples don’t care either way if their wedding is in 4k or not.

Length of the day

This is probably the most important factor. The length of your wedding day is really going to determine which package you decide.

For brides wanting prep and starting their hair and makeup at 7am, then not having your ceremony until 3pm, you’re going to want a package geared towards long days. 10 plus hours is a definite.

At the end of the day of course, it up to you which package you want. There’s always the option of booking a smaller package for a big wedding if you only care about the highlights of the day, and not so much the extra candid stuff. But with all this, you can take into consideration when choosing your package.

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