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How Couples Are Improvising Their Wedding with COVID

And How This Affects Wedding Photography/Videography.

COVID-19 drastically changed the world. So many aspects of our lives were affected, and so was the wedding industry. Things are gradually going back to a semblance of normal now. We are all finding ways to go on with our lives while staying safe from the virus.

As a result of these changes, the way weddings are held has been impacted. This has also affected the wedding photography/videography business. In this article, we share the various ways in which things have changed and some great predictions for the future.

Demand for Wedding Photography Is Still High

It is the job of wedding photographers to capture the special moments at weddings. It will always be an essential item on a wedding list. As such, the demand for this service will forever remain the same. There will always be photographers there to cater for those with more than enough to spare. There will also always be photographers for couples on a budget.

Weddings Will Be Smaller

It doesn’t take a seer to know this one. Factors that will lead to this include travel restriction and safety measures. Brides and grooms will be aiming to keep their loved ones safe.

Elopement Wedding Photographers Will Be Seeing A Lot Of Business

Elopements are a kind of small wedding which we’ve seen on the increase. It’s just the bride, groom, their officiant, and their photographer/videographer at most elopements. Elopement Photographers will be seeing a lot of work now as a wedding of just a few people is as safe as you could get.

Wedding Films Are Still Important

For couples who are having their small wedding now, they’ll be an even greater need for videos. They’ll want something tangible that they can share with their loved ones who couldn’t be there. Wedding videography is a great way to document and help the bride and groom tell their unique story. We’ll be glad to handle this for you here at JL Wedding Films.

Destination Weddings Are Still on Hold

Big destination weddings may take a while to come back. Borders are gradually reopening, but people are not ready to jump in those waters just yet. The new health measures and quarantine restrictions may also make the process a bit stressful.

There is also the fact that tests will have to be carried out on everyone. Couples will be sticking to holding their weddings in terrain familiar to them. Those who really want a wedding out of town will be sticking to places in the country instead of traveling out for their wedding.

There’s A Boom Coming

Couples moved most of their weddings set for this year to 2021. That means they’ll be a lot of weddings next year. We’ll basically be having the weddings from this year and next year combined into the wedding seasons of 2020.

While this means a lot of new work and more income, it also has some negative aspects. Vendors will barely have time to rest, and many might end up overworked. Still, many will not be complaining because they’ll feel privileged to find work in times like these.

JL Wedding Films is located in Long Island. If you’re looking for a boutique film company to cover your wedding, we’re your guys. We enjoy capturing the special moments at a wedding. We’re also great at communication and working with our client’s budgets. If you work with us, you’ll get a unique wedding film that you’ll be proud to share for many years to come. Contact us today!

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