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Alexa and Brandon - A Beautiful Match made by Accident

Alexa and Brandon, their love story is literally like a shoebox full of photographs and memories. Pull out one piece, and it will have a special memory and value of its own. It has been 10 years of togetherness and painting beautiful moments together. A little unexpected incident brought them together, and they became soul mates for life.

The Wedding Prequel

The happily married couple has realized a lot of things over the past ten years of their relationship. It’s that you can plan and plan, but it will only happen when it ought to happen. You know they say th

at some things are best left unplanned. This is exactly what happened to our lovely couple. They got married when they least expected it, and they were just ready to be there for one another officially.

Catching up with Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

The wedding day started in the bride and groom’s own style at Montauk Lake Club. The lady of the day and her girlfriends shared bubbles and raised a glass in their luxe robes. There were some good laughs and some amazing pre-wedding memories painted together. While on the other hand, the boys getting-ready routine was a little laid back and boy-ish. Before the groom and his friends were dressed, they all had a casual beer drinking session in white tees and pants. What can we say; girls will be girls and boys will be boys.

First Look and Magic

Alexa dolled up in a beautiful white gown with a traditional sheer veil. It was a minimalistic look, but enough to make the groom drop dead in awe. The gorgeous bridal gown featured a fitted bodice that extended into a queen-like poufy skirt. One can twirl in it all day long! Her soft smoky eyes and light makeup really complimented her whole look. The addition of the veil was just enough to make her look like an angel.

Brandon bagged a lot of style points as well with the classic black tuxedo and bow tie. He paired it graciously with a crisp white shirt. We think that the groom’s big smile stood out more than his outfit on the big day. He seemed to be the happiest man on the planet.

The bride met the groom at the docks, holding a whimsical bouquet with white flowers and leafy greens. There was a small pre-wedding photoshoot that was one of the biggest highlights of the event. They looked so happy together. It was a real match made in heaven!

A Promise of Life

The wedding ceremony took place at the Montauk Lake Club & Marina. The vows were full of their fun times together and everything they learned along the way as a couple. Branden revisited the day they both met due to underage drinking accident. 10 years later, they tied the knot! He thanked her for always being there for him and influencing him to be the best version of himself. He promised her to love her forever.

Alexa shared the lessons and memories they had together. She vowed that they will always be together, respect one another, and it will always be them against the world. For the happy couple, even a whole lifetime together won’t be enough to spend with each other because their love is infinite.

Tango Time

There was a small buffet for the close guests to enjoy, a champagne corner, a table decorated with the couple’s picture, and of course the oh-so-gorgeous wedding cake. The arrangements were simple yet beautiful. The tea lights glimmered in the background while the guests laughed and cheered. The evening continued with a cheerful photoshoot of the bride and groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and the two families. It was a fun time for everyone!

The bride and groom swayed to the music with their parents while the guests ate their food. It was a slow yet intimate night surrounded by loved ones.

Toasts and Laughter

The toasting time brought everyone back to life! There were a lot of smiles and loud laughs. People close to the bride and groom gave out toasts to the happy couple. Their speeches were full of fun and sweet moments. All of them wished only happiness to Alexa and Branden.

Off to the Honeymoon

The couple bid their friends and family goodbye and walked out happily. They held hands, smiled, and couldn’t wait to begin their life together. This moment marked the end of 10.02.2020, a day full of happiness and love. It was the beginning of a new life together, and JL Wedding Films were glad to make it even more special by sealing their best moments from the big day.

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