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A Timeline for Re-opening Weddings in Long Island and NY.

At this point, we already have a petty good idea of what weddings are going to look like for us in the near future.

We already know that the staff will have to wear masks, rubber gloves etc. We know that hand sanitizing stations will be set up, along with other precautions.

But what is the timeline for NY and Long Island, since we are the most strict? When are we finally going to see our venues open? The short answer….now for Long Island, but there are limitations.

According to sources, catering halls ARE technically allowed to have 100% capacity for purely outdoor events with tables 6 feet apart and a maximum of 10 people per table, but most have not gotten on board with it just yet. And aren’t going to, until phase 3 actually begins.

When it comes to our trajectory now, caterers are expecting to open 50% capacity by late next month into August indoors. This means that if a hall can hold 300 guests, they are allowed to have 150. This is good news for couples who were planning on having small to medium sized weddings in the first place. This of course comes with new guidelines.

Giorgios of Bating Hollow is among one of the first to adopt and promote their re-opening procedure with some of these guidelines.

  • Hand Sanitizer Stations throughout the entire facility

  • Designated Cleaners for commonly touched surfaces

  • Mandatory Face coverings for all guests & employees

  • Daily Health assessments for employees & vendors

  • HVAC system enhanced with highly efficient Air Filters

  • Signage promoting face covering & social distancing

  • Proper Personal Protective Equipment worn by all staff.

  • Additional Safety protocol training for staff members

  • Posted Signs on how to stop the spread of COVID-19

  • Plexiglass guards to protect food from contamination

For more information regarding Giorgio’s re-opening you can visit

We can pretty much assume other caterers will follow suit with these guidelines.

By September we should be at 75% capacity if everything goes to plan with the re-opening process. This is all good news for people who have not yet rescheduled their wedding.

If you are considering keeping your current event for this time, or are looking into booking your wedding for 2020 still, make sure to go over everything with your venue and visit the re-opening NY guidelines pdf at

This really breaks down each and every new regulation imposed by NY to keep us safe. An addition to giving the mandatory guideline, it also gives suggested ones for extra precaution.

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