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8 Tips for choosing your photo/video session location.

Think about where you first met.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done sessions and full weddings at a location where the couple first met.

If you’re sentimental like yours truly, then you’ll want to have photos done in a place that means something to both of you. If you choose the location where you first met, then your engagement photos will always remind you of that wonderful day.

Consider your hometown.

If you live in a picturesque area then your hometown might be the perfect location for your shoot! Lauren and Frank live right in Red Bank so we opted for Riverside Gardens Park.

Go back to where he proposed.

Brides LOVE LOVE LOVE where the groom proposed. It’s actually the number one choice from my experience, so long that it’s local and not in Hawaii, or your living room. Some even like to reenact him getting on one knee.

Choose a place that you visit often. ...

Whether its just your favorite brunch spot, park, beach, or maybe something even more specific, like a a pier or a waterfall. Me personally, I have a happy place I always liked to visited over looking the Long Island Sound in Oyster Bay, where time kind of stood still and I felt like I didn’t have a care in the world.

Find a place that suits your interest and personalities. ...

Maybe you both LOVE museums like I do. Here in Long Island, we have allot of outdoor park museums. Or you’re huge Disney fans and want your session at Disney world. (Even better would be doing it in the Starwars section, just saying) Picking a mutual interest location is a great idea.

Consider the time of day. ...

Will the sun be at the top of the sky? Is it sunset? Is it sunrise? The sun will dictate the look of your photo shoot for sure. Decide which approach you want. You could even google “Sunrise” or “Sunset photo sessions” to get an idea of which kind of look you want. If you’re choosing based on weather, consider whether or not you’d want there to be overcast which is great for photography.

First Date

If the place where you had your first date is near other locations where you’d want to be photographed then communicate that to your photographer and maybe you can make a quick stop at that special place where it all started. Perhaps take a shot in front of the restaurant or bar. I’ve done this many times with couples even on their wedding day/

Pay attention to the season.

Some locations are prettier during a specific time of year. If you choose a place like the Brooklyn botanical gardens, then definitely do it in the early spring time with all of the cherry blossoms! If you choose an arboretum , spring and summer are great, but also consider fall foliage as well. Summer is of course great for beach shoots.

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