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2020 Wedding Day Items that Look GREAT on Camera!

Sometimes when I’m working, I pick out, favorite and concentrate on some items which i believe make for the best video or photograph. Once and a while, the details, the colors, shapes and aesthetics of certain items just stand out to me, and I am compelled to get multiple shots of it, this way it can be shown off to it’s full potential! It just looks good from every angle whether it’s from a distance, close up, on its side and so on….


This is obviously the first thing that comes to mind. The bouquet is the most iconic wedding item of them all, next to the wedding dress. Capturing the details in these is essential when doing video and photography, and making sure the colors pop is an important part of the job.

But what I like most nowadays is that people are picking other things to make their bouquets out of brides actual flower, like wooden flowers. I think these are so cool, and always jump at the opportunity to get as many different shots of them. Its certainly a new and awesome trend that we’re going to see more of in 2020.

Cake Toppers

Cake toppers themselves are nothing new, but they are definitely becoming more personalized lately. Many people are putting avatars and bobble heads of themselves on there, as well as them with their pet. I always capture multiple shots and angle of this for sure. We can’t forget the the classic “Groom running away from bride as she tried to drag him back” topper, but i do feel like this is fading fast. I think we’re going to see way more personalized touches on these for 2020, rather than the old cliches.


This is definitely one of my favorites. There’s just something about fancy chalk board with good calligraphy and illustration that pops on camera. It’s also just a nice all around touch to your wedding day, and comes in useful in directing your guests to the logistics of your wedding. This trend has been around for a while and I don’t think its going away any time soon!

Save the Date

Save the Date

Sure! Capturing the invitation is important, but I think getting your save the date on video is even better. Why? Because I notice more and more save the dates are personalized with the couples picture or illustration, rather than just the date and location in fancy letters like invitations are. It seems to usually come standard with awesome colors, a good photograph, or even something kinda silly like one I’ve seen where the couple are literally on a ledge trying to “save the date” sign from falling.


I know this is going off the path little bit here , but I can’t make a post like this without mentioning. It might seem to some a little bit tacky and over the top, but it makes for GREAT slow motion clips in your wedding film, and in my opinion pretty much makes the reception portion of the video itself.

Ring Holders

This is something I am seeing more and more of lately. Brides love ring holders and they’re getting more awesome every weekend.

I’m also noticing more rustic and/or natural styles coming out of these. Just like weddings themselves going more rustic, so are the favors. The ring holders are no exception.

Bridal party Mugs

This also nothing completely new, but are GREAT to get on camera. Just like what I mentioned about the chalk boards, getting great calligraphy and illustrations is awesome, and the bridal mugs only add to this. Even seeing the kinds of straws couples are picking out is fun.

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